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Summer festivals

Radio Belgrade 2, August 3

Dimitrije Vujadinovic, Director of the Balkankulti Foundation, Darka Radosavljevic, art historian and director of the Remont Gallery, in today's edition of "Said and tacitly" spoke about festivals - "How should summer festivals of culture and art should be designed and what kind of attitude towards the public should be nurtured?" How the festivals are financed and to what extent are they"? Do they in certain areas represent a kind of oasis outside of which a bit of that quality occurs during the year?


Exhibition and a round table: Serb Woman - Heroin in the Great War

Tuesday, June 13, 2017, the premises of Matica Serbian, Novi Sad


 In the framework of  the  series of lectures FIRST WORLD WAR AND UNIFICATION, exhibition was opened and organized a round table:  Serb Woman - Heroin in the Great War.

Welcome speech was given by prof. Dr. George Djuric, secretary general of Matica Serbian, and about the exhibition spoke Dimitrije Vujadinović author.Their presentation on the desk were: Dragana Bukumirović, publicist; prof. Dr. Vladislav Petković Gordić, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad; prof. Dr. Milena Dragicevic Šešić, FDU, Belgrade; Dušanka Marković, senior curator of the Museum of the City of Novi Sad; Dr. Jasmina Milanović, research fellow of the Institute for Contemporary History, Belgrade; Prvoslav Plavsic, psychologist; Danica Radovic, journalist; prof. Dr. Svetlana Tomin, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad; Vladimir Cech, Institute for the History of Advertising, Belgrade.


Visiting Andrićgrad

May 31

Associates BalkanKult visiting Andrićgrad and the Andrić Institute. They discussed the possible forms of future cooperation.
Prof. Dr. Dragan Bulatovic, head of the Department of Museology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade; prof. Dr. Slobodan Mijušković historian of Contemporary Art, University of Belgrade; Danica Radovic, journalist Dimitrije Vujadinović, Balkankult.
They discussed the possible forms of future cooperation.

Women in the Great War

The Gallery of the Serbian Army from 24 April to 6 May in Belgrade

On the occasion of the Great War Balkankult  organized the exhibition: Serb Woman - Heroin in the Great War. All the complexity of the period of the Great War mainly interprets male military and political principles. When examines the role of women in the Great War mainly interpreted as women warriors or nurses. This exhibition is different: we want to highlight the heroic role of women, peasant women and female citizens on whose shoulders has been rest of the family, the house and property and caring for loved ones who were at the front. They lived in constant fear and poverty. From the cultural point of view the Great War has contributed to the social emancipation of women. That is precisely the main topic of the exhibition. Virtual visit exhibition   Catalog




Glossary technology as an anti-utopia

Institue for European Studies, December 23, 2016

Balkankult in cooperation with the Institute for European Studies organized a professional conference Glossary technologies like anti-utopia, "a compendium on the occasion of return from the country of dragons: Glossary Technology - 33 years later. The participants were: Misa Djurkovic, Dimitrije Vujadinović, Aleksandar Gajic, Aleksandar Petrovic, Dragan Bulatovic, Jelena Filipovic Bojan Jovic, Gordana Djeric, Slobodan Samardzic, Aleksandra Stevanovic, Vladimir Dimitrijevic and others.



The programs selected for this project represent films, photo and graphic exhibitions, literature presentations and other cultural invents. Programs are presented in provincial towns (in cultural centres or museums) in the terms of decentralization of cultural life and cultural production.  These small towns do not have the opportunity to organise international cultural manifestations, nor they posses the needed financials.   




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